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Nov 19, 2021

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Writers Opening Note / Disclaimer

I first have to acknowledge to you that I am not a qualified health practitioner. That I am merely an individual fed up with the run around that I have received regarding my spouse and I having to suffer with Diabetes. All the information below will be based on my own research that I have found on the Internet. Some of the Internet links will be provide below for you to review and to help you cope with your diabetic situation.

While researching diabetes on my own, I have come across many important factors. Therefore, I am providing this helpful information to everyone, including all practitioners and support staff.

In addtion, my research and these webs pages contents are primarily base on Type 2 Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes is most commonly do to a persons appendix has failed, but ultimatily up to the doctors to determine the peramiters.

I wish you all the best with your results.

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What is Diabetes?

If you have found this page, then most likely then you are aware what most General Practitioners say.

This is my explanation; diabetes is a condition in our bodies that is a result of higher or even lower than normal blood sugar. This can lead to other serious complications. The end result is, that diabetes is a condition that occurs before some other more serious disease, such as cancer(s), cystic fibrosis, etc. and the list goes on.

There are several kinds of diabetes

The most commonly know are Type 1 & Type 2. There is also, Type 1.5, PreDiabetic, Monogenic Diabetes, Syndrome X, Polycystic Ovary Disease, Gestational Diabetes, Hemochromatosis & Cystic Fibrosis.

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Why should we concern ourselves with this?

As simple as I can make it, if left alone, you will have any number of assorted complications. From symptoms like neuropthy, to loss of eyesight, to finger and toe amputations, or worse, or any number of body organ failures. We as individuals do not get to decide which issues we will have. Therefore, it is best to be caught early, to be considered prediabetic as you have a chance to alter your life into a healthier direction and hopefully never need medication or at best temporarily use medication.

Can I become none diabetic?

In the end the answer is based on your point of view. Health professionals will politely tell you "No" as most people become medication dependant.

I feel that the better answer is, Yes, as the healthier you become, the less likelier you will need medication and therefore live a better life. With this thought, you will never be able to go back to your old life style habits. The complication to this is, most people do not have the resources or ability to change enough of their own life style to handle the healthier life choices. One idea to take into account is, on the assumption that you are on the correct diet for you, and then you go to a social gathering of any kind, chances are very high that the situation will not be co-operating with your diet. Bottom line is, you will always be at risk of needing medications in the future.

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What are the causes of diabetes?

Simply put, there are a wide range of causes as to why a person becomes diabetic. The most commonly known reasons is a lack of exercise and weight gain due to an inappropriate diet, most commonly referred to as comfort foods.

     Lack of Exercise

This is a tough one for many people and for many reasons. It could be a career change, or where you moved too, even going into retirement, even during or as a result of a pregnancy. A great solution to this is to pick up a hobby that gets you moving about. Or perhaps, something that you are physically that you can enjoy. The amount of being physical depends on the changes that have occurred for you.

     Inappropriate Diet

This is a very difficult topic for most people. I talk about changes above, and a lot of people do not change their diet to go along with their exercise or lack of. There are conditions such as traveling that can also harm your diet. For example, how is a truck driver that works very long hours, going to eat properly and eat quality foods. It is virtually impossible. I know, as I retired from trucking. Then there are the comfort foods, when people are feeling down or even depressed. Many will eat more of the bad foods. In all cases, stress makes us eat the wrong foods.

     Hormone Imbalance

It has been known for a very long time that insulin is a hormone and thyroid issues can be factors as well.  Unfortunately, the health care professionals don't necessarily explain this to you when they first diagnose you.  Since before the 1990's it has also been known that testosterone and estrogen level, can also contribute to diabetes. For these two, the hormones can be too low or too high over time. Each person is different as well. With all the hormone considerations, they all need to be tested and it takes time to work out the levels for that individual.

I have produced a web page just on this topic, to view it, go to Diabetes and Hormones.

     Is It Hereditary?

There is no simple answer to this. Health care professionals will generally saw yes. I could not find any definity answer to this question. Although, I am sure that the individuals that have diabetes now, also have a parent or grand parent that has it.

     Other Treatments Side Affects

This is not considered very often by the health care providers, but it is something to consider. For example, if someone had major surgery and it caused them to have less of one hormone. Then it is obvious that it needs to be replaced. However, too much or too little of that hormone will potentially cause diabetes. Then there are topics such as pregnancy or treatments while pregnant, that can cause temporary or long-term diabetes. Therefore, any major surgery or condition should take diabetes in account as a possible side affect.


As I indicated in my opening, I am not a diabetic expert. This paragraph is here to point out that there may be some other factors that I am not aware of at this time. If you realize that I left something out, please let me know.

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Affects of Stress

Stress is also a very large contributor to the cause and solution of diabetes and many other diseases. Yes, it is a contradiction. However, there is more negative stress than good stress and how you manage it, can become a solution as well.

Health care professionals all know this, yet they do not have any pharmaceutical solutions for it. Stress needs to be considered a general term. I was raised to look at stress in only one view and that was related to a negative out burst of some kind. Well, there are others, such as emotional, physical, chemical and more.

As for it goes for Diabetes, we get glucose (sugar) spikes. They can be low or highs and are often difficult to cope with. The more severe the diabetes the more difficult it is to cope with it. Simply, sit down or lie down and utilize some breathing techniques to relax your body. Depending on how bad it 1s, 10 to 30 minutes should do the trick. There are many different methods to relax, slow deep breathing to yoga and others. Whatever works for you.

The body does need some good stress to be able to grow and be healthy, so finding the right balance of stress release is up to the individual to experiment with.

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Proper Diets

This is a very important part of this whole topic!

     The Basics

Some sources make this out to be very complex, but it is not. There are various diet plans due to other additional conditions. Other wise in short, all humans need to eat as much green vegetables as they can muster. A simple way to look at it is to take a plate, divide it up into 2/3 vegetables (mostly greens), 1/6 meat (fish, beef, pork, chicken (focus on fish)) and 1/6 starches (potato, rice, corn, bread). The Canada Food Guide is not good enough. It is good if you are already a healthy person. There are many different opinions out there regarding the proper portions, but the real issue is finding a plan that is not supported or sponsored by any company that could benefit from what you will eat.


     Many Diets

You will need to keep in mind that there is a small period of time that you will need to have a higher than normal fiber diet to help clean out your digestive system of any build up. Too much build up will not help you to reduce your diabetes. This means you will in affect have three diets. One for cleaning out your digestive system. Second to reduce your weight. Third and final is your lifetime and life style meal plans.

We looked at many different diet plans over the years, as we had to lose weight. It is a common process with diabetes, but everyone that is diabetic needs to lose weight. The majority of them work and I found that the TLS and Isotonix from Shop.com was the best one. But the most realistic to continue afterward, as it was very similar to included all three diets that I previously mentioned. The bottom line is, too many people go back to their old habits and therefore gaining even more weight and or inches. We need to adjust the way we eat and what we eat and stay the course for the rest of our lives!

     Grocery Shopping

Another important part to consider is to do your best to shop along the outer edges of the grocery store. The best rule of thumb to follow is to leave out pre-packaged food and shop only the outside aisles at grocery stores. The reason being, all packaging contains added chemicals, salts and sugars. Are often hidden as other names that we cannot pronounce. Look at the labels, the less odd words, less salts and less sugars the better. If you would like more information on this, please contact me.


Then there is the factor of obtaining quality vegetables. There are still a lot of unknown issues regarding GMO foods and the connection to diabetes. However, the better we eat the better off we will be. I do my best not buy GMO's. To be clear, farmers cross breading are not GMO's. To help you determine what is a GMO, look at the PLU code sticker while shopping. If it has five digits starting with an "8" then it is a GMO product.

For tips, tricks and concerns, check out my Diabetic Diet Tips web page.

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Meters & Measures

First off, the numbers system is different between Canada & the USA. As I am Canadian, so I will use our numbers system here. It is easy enough to do the conversion.

It is always wise to do the home monitoring and do your best to go by the instructions of the health care provider. That said, keep in mind that in the early onset of diabetes, it is common that your before breakfast sugar levels will be similar to your A1C, which is tested every three months, done by the lab. As your diabetes becomes more severe, that similarity will fade away. This in itself, lets you know how bad your condition is. Here is a tip. The best suggestion here is that when you just don't feel right, test your sugars. Then you will know if you are spiking high or low and you can then treat yourself accordingly.

The A1C should be between 4 and 10.  Health care professionals will tell you that they like it to be 4, when in reality everyone is different. There are variations depending on your situation or complications. Below 4 is too low (and you should go to the hospital immediately). Everyone will have highs and lows on an hourly basis. The idea is to test (regularly) so that you can adjust your diet (accordingly) to reduce the extreme spikes.

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This topic is so huge! I will give some basis here and you should alway be communicating with your health care providers. The front line people, like walk-in clinics, family doctors, and nurse practitioners are well-versed on the early stages on situations that are not complex. Beyond that, you need to be recommended to someone that is experienced on the topic of diabetes and the related potential problems.

     Oral Medications

When you are prediabetic or have the early onset of it, usually you will be prescribed the commonly used oral medications, such as Metformin, if your lucky that your body can tolerate it, however it is a good one to use.

     Injectiable Medications

It is primarily insulin in one of many different versions that is used. There are different stages here depending our your conditions, such as Type 1 or Type 2 and how long it has been a problem for you. There are whole day long, and mealtime insulin's. At this point your local health care provider will prescribe the common versions. However, if things do not get under control, then you would be referred to a specialist.

     Other Medications

In a few cases there would be topical or other means depending on the individual and the health care specialist.

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Support Services and Supplies

If you are new to the topic of diabetes, you may not know about this information.

There are many services available, both online and in your local area. Some are out dated and others are up to date. You will have to work that out for yourself. Unfortunatly, I can not give you a data base of all the services, as it is way too numerous. There are services such as your present health care provider, which is your General Practioner and Nurse Practioner Offices that have other services such as dietitians.

Contact your local hospital and ask about support help for diabetic people. Many have programs to help educate and often have other kinds of support.

Then there are an assortment of communinty groups that also have different programs available.

All these services that you contact, do not forget to ask for samples, such as lancettes, strips, pen needles, etc. Some will have access to an assortment of supplies and other will not. In some cases, there may be finacial help to some individuals, should they quality.

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Healthy Tips

1) As mentioned above, breathing techniques. There are many different method to choose from. I am sure you will find one that works for you.

2) Exercise that is fun for you. Such as bicycle riding, chopping wood, etc. The bonus here is that your body needs this good stress and is most likely lacking this.

3) Humour is a great way to reduce unwanted stress. Such as watch a funny movie, or play games that make you laugh, the list goes forever on this.

4) Spending quality time with loved one also help in a lot of postive ways.

5) Sleeping 7 or 8 hours over night with very short naps based on your sugar spikes is the most ideal plan. Naps that are 1 or 2 hours or sleeping more hours at night will increase your diabetic condition. These very short naps are normally in conjuction with your breathing techniques.

NOTE: If you have found another helpful tip, please let me know.

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Alternative Solutions

Of course, health care professionals do not like anything that is not pharmaceutical based. However, there are several other options that can be considered. Personally, at this time I am taking NAC, B12, D along with doing what I can to eat well. Soon I will be adding Cellgevity which is a healthier version of NAC. Some people may choose to visit with a Neuropathology or Homeopath practitioner.

NAC or Ribocine both contain l-cysteine. l-cysteine helps the body improve the glutathione in our body, which in turn helps the immune system. Glutathione is the master anti-oxidant in the body. NAC is the pharmaceutical way to improve our health. Ribocine is in short the healthier version and 300% more effective, because it is d-ribose wrapped around l-cysteine to improve our health. Both of these ingredients come from vegetables. l-cysteine on its own will get destroyed before it can do any real good for the body.

     Special Note

NAC is used to fight Tylenol over doses. Tylenol (acetaminophen) is the only off the shelf pain killer that can kill us. It destroys the glutathione in our bodies, where all other off the shelf pain medications only damage glutathione. The bottom line is, if we have no more glutathione left, we are dead.

For example, years ago, I did not know about this, as most people do not. I had a bad tooth that needed to be extracted. I was taking Tylenol until I could put enough money aside to get it taken care of. Unfortunately, I got sick while I was driving my big rig. I got to my destination and the staff took me to the local hospital with their car, where they put me on morphine and several bags of NAC. I believe, I had passed out while in the car on the way to the hospital, because I do not remember arriving and waking up to the nurse beside me the next day.

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List of Web Site

This list will be an ever-growing list of resources on the topic of Diabetes. Some are better than others. Some are more medical related. Altogether, you will find almost anything you wish to know about Diabetes in so much more detail than I will ever provide on this web site. This website gives a great starting point. If you ever come across another good website, please let me know so that I can add it to this list.